ABOUT ClotheSpa Laundry Services in Pune

ClotheSpa Laundromat is a home where any soiled / stained laundry can be washed and dried in a clean & hygienic environment. What makes us unique is we provide our customers with Zero-Laundry hassles but with the high quality services, eco-friendly detergents and process, lots of Water and Electricity savings. (Laundromats consume less water & electricity as compared to domestic machines used in homes.)

ClotheSpa successfully manages and service community laundry facilities in residential hostels, colleges, Travels, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and other multi-housing facilities. Our solid base for service, ethical business practices, customer satisfaction and quality equipment has resulted in ClotheSpa becoming a leading player in laundry management services.

WHY ClotheSpa

Many people today feel hesitant to local laundries / dhobis for their laundry requirements due to fear of Non-hygiene conditions, Non professionalism, Zero Care for expensive clothes, Ever changing Prices etc. And also are haggling with In House Maids for their demands and Non professionalism.

Why should you then settle even for the second best when it comes to laundering them?

At ClotheSpa, we will help your clothes in getting fresh, hygienic and rejuvenated. We provide high-quality ironing, washing and dry cleaning services in turn giving Invaluable time to spend on or with people / things you love or passionate about.

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ClotheSpa is a Pune based online on-demand laundry service that aims at providing high quality laundry services coupled with customized experience and express delivery. "We use Latest technology and internationally acclaimed machines coupled with high quality and eco-friendly detergents for quality cleaning. With an added feature of online ordering and free pick-up and delivery within 48-72 hours, we expect to reach every household in our vicinity" We provide washing, dry cleaning, ironing and other value added services in Pune to make your life free of laundry hassles.

We are backend in our operations by experienced and knowledgeable staff in taking care of all the Laundry requirements with utmost fabric management.